About Us

chicken, beef and Pork exporter

As a global wholesale frozen chicken, beef and Pork exporter , Our one goal remain the same, to provide healthy frozen chicken , Beef and Pork, and promote health and happiness around the world; also with adherence shown to the religious beliefs of our customers by our halal chicken and Halal Beef supply’s which are sourced from certified meat producing plants in Brazil.

Right from the care given to the chicken during farming, to producing our own feed for them and selecting the best materials and the freshest ingredients to offer you high quality innovative products made with the highest production standards.

  • Large range: poultry, pork & beef.
  • Sourced from most major production regions in the world.
  • Shipped to any port in the world (CIF Apprved).
  • From single pallet to full container load (FCL) deliveries.

Making it all make sense.

Brazil Meat Exporters is a wholesales distributing company with a large history of selling fresh and frozen food like frozen chicken, beef, and pork. Brazil Meat Exporters has been a wholesales distributing company of some of the biggest brands of Brazilian goods such fresh and frozen poultry food of brand producers such as SEARA, PEDIGAO, SADIA, PERDIX and many others. Focused mainly in Frozen Meats - Beef, Pork and Poultry.